About the Shape Your Future project

The main purpose of this project is to foster quality and multidimensional improvements in youth work, in order to reach and empower marginalised young people, thus supporting their integration into labour market and the chances for social inclusion/education.

Output of the project

Shape Your Future Platform:

A platform dedicated to young people aged 14-35 (students, unemployed), those looking for a job / learning opportunity with focus on vulnerable youth. The main objective of this platform is the creation of an interactive environment, bringing in the same place on the one hand the employers, NGOs, institutions and local authorities, and on the other hand the young people who are interested in jobs or various possibilities of internship and volunteering.

Shape Your Future Application:

An application dedicated to young people and youth workers will be developed. The IO2 includes: real time notifications on the learning opportunities, materials uploaded for youth /youth workers/stakeholders in the participating cities; forum/blog for youngsters enrolled in any activity related to the topic, where people can keep records of their activity and discover new and interesting opportunities, where people can discover projects and jobs that they can access.

Booklet Shape Your Future:

The aim is to combine the experience and expertise of different sectors (public, private and civil society) and people involved and to design a product that currently does not exist in the youth field in any of the participating countries.

Shape Your Future is a project co-financed by the European Commission's Erasmus + programme. It is the project number 2020-2-RO01-KA205-080607

What is the Erasmus+ programme?

Erasmus Plus is the EU program for education, training, youth and sport in Europe. With a budget of EUR 14.7 billion, it will give more than 4 million Europeans the opportunity to study, train and gain experience abroad.

The Erasmus Plus program, is not just for students. It brings together seven previous programs and provides opportunities for various categories of people and organizations.


Youth Vision (Romania)

It is the coordinator of the project. It is also a non-governmental association whose mission is to improve the quality of life of people at risk, vulnerable people. The association aims to inform and sensitize the community on the issue of people at social risk.

Young Educators - European Association

A non-governmental and non-profit European Organisation which the goal is to promote youngsters participation in subjects such as political and civic input in local communities, national policy, European political subjects and International Affairs. Young Educators aims to encourage civic participation in youngster generations by developing good practices in dialogue between young people, creating active and dedicate citizenship, motivating the sense of initiative and participation in civil society in general.


It is an international consulting company with an outstanding track record in corporate social responsibility in the field of youth. In recent years, BB&R has developed a battery of projects focusing on youth unemployment, labour market, entrepreneurship, social inclusion and political participation for disadvantaged youth. BB&R is especially focused on providing a non-formal learning environment for youth education.


It is a sub-unit of the main provider in UK and provides work placements, bespoke training and organise Erasmus+ funded projects. Mains objectives of Hanta are improving quality of life due to the implementation of community projects for the local community; growing of education in the local community by implementing educational projects and offering job / training placements to youngsters.

Zespol Szkol Zawodowych nr 1 (Poland)

It is a Technical Vocational School located in Biała Podlaska. The school offers can reach a lot of different certificates. The School is considered one of the most important educational institutions in the town and accredited to meet the expectations of the students and the territory. The school offers a wide range of technical and commercial vocational courses, so that they can reach a lot of different certificates.

W3 Marketing Technology SRL (Romania)

It is a marketing and technology company specialized in strategy, interaction design, engineering and digital commerce. They contribute to positive, effective change by taking advantage of opportunities created by social networks, mobile and cloud. Innovation stays at the core of their processes as they combine cutting edge technologies with a transdisciplinary know-how to discover the best solutions for they customers.

Young people and the opportunities on the labor market! Volunteers from the Constanta – Romanian Youth Capital program completed Job Shadowing mobility in Dublin, within an Erasmus + project

With a lot of enthusiasm and curiosity, a group of young volunteers from the Constanta – Romanian Youth Capital 2021-2022 program embarked on a journey in which they would discover new mentalities and visions, different cultures and in which to discover and overcome barriers. The young people participated between 16-25 August 2021, in the Job […]

Dublin Job Shadowing day 10

Last day of the amazing Job Shadowing Dublin Team! Stay tuned to see all the materials we created for young people starting their first jobs.

Dublin Job Shadowing day 9

We have been finalising the guidebook on interview skills for young people, and preparing role plays of good and bad interviews!

Dublin Job Shadowing day 8

The guidebook on interview skills for young people is almost done! Stay Tuned!

Dublin Job Shadowing day 7

It’s the seventh day in Dublin and we began working on the employability guidebook for young people! The topics we have focussed on are communication and interview skills

Dublin Job Shadowing day 6

Today we took a small break from work and went to Dublin on a historical walking tour. We learnt about history of Dublin from a feminist point of view, and women’s role in the Irish revolution. Thanks to Liz Gillis for such an interesting tour!

Dublin Job Shadowing day 5

Ladies and Gentlemens, we are working on a workshop!!! Stay tuned!

Dublin Job Shadowing day 4

We had an excellent session on mentoring from Kevin and Jodie at Ballyfermot Youth Service. Then we had a lovely evening with the young people of Bally!

Dublin Job Shadowing day 3

Today is BREAK DAY!!! And we went kayaking with the Ballyfermot Youth Service adventure centre.

Dublin Job Shadowing day 2

Today, we spent the morning on transferable skills! In the afternoon we will visit Ballyfermot Youth Service.

Dublin Job Shadowing day 1

We are in Dublin! Day1: start the Job Shadowing with a lot of energy and desire to find out as much information as possible about youth employment, youth problems and how we can contribute to the solutions.  Also, at today’s session, we are sharing our personal background working with youth/Young people’s needs regarding employability/Adaptation to […]

Dublin Job Shadowing preparation meeting

Today we met our partners and volunteers who will participate in the Dublin Job Shadowing and we discussed the time schedule, the activities and all the internal things we must manage. Dublin, here we go!

The situation of the pandemic and the activities carried out online, analyzed by the Portuguese partners

The pandemic affected the activities of youth organizations and associations around the world, but those who had ideas and ingenuity quickly turned their attention. This is also the case of our partners in Portugal, who have moved their activity and meetings with young people online. Together, we managed to structure and implement the activities of […]

Pandemic and challenges to NGOs in Poland

Poland, one of our partners in the “Shape Your Future” project, implemented by the Youth Vision Association, member of the Constanța – Romanian Youth Capital (CCTR) program, encountered difficulties in carrying out Erasmus Plus funded projects. All activities, such as round tables, consultations and focus groups with young volunteers and representatives of youth associations and […]

Irish partners, findings on the pandemic and online activities with and for young people

In the midst of the pandemic, the “Shape Your Future” project, implemented by the Youth Vision Association, continued, and the activities carried out by each partner moved to the online environment. Thus, associations and youth organizations in Ireland conducted online activities such as round tables, consultations, focus groups in which young volunteers and representatives of […]

How has the pandemic and online influenced the activities of NGOs and volunteers in Spain?

Although the pandemic turned the development of Erasmus Plus projects, with European funding, most of the activities of NGOs, youth organizations, institutions, associations moving online, the Youth Vision Association, member of the implementation team of the Constanța – Youth Capital program in Romania (CCTR) carried out within the project “Shape Your Future” developed in partnership […]

The young Romanian volunteers stood out in Portugal, during the Job Shadowing mobility

With a lot of courage, enthusiasm and curiosity, a group of four young volunteers from the Youth Vision Association embarked on a journey in which they would discover new mentalities and visions, different personalities, different cultures and in which to discover and overcome limits and barriers. The four daredevils participated between May 7-18, 2021, in […]

NGOs in Constanta and the challenges of the pandemic

For organizations in Constanța, the pandemic was a challenge. So far, all activities and events have moved to the online environment, but with the relaxation measures, volunteers have been able to participate in activities and actions. The Youth Vision Association, member of the implementation team of the Constanța – Romanian Youth Capital (CCTR) program, carried […]

Lisbon Job Shadowing day 10

The last day was The Evaluation Day! The end of a great Job Shadowing! Thank you all the participants for the excellent work! And a Special thanks to all the team member that make this Job Shadowing possible.

Lisbon Job Shadowing day 9

The development of the “ Start Up to Stand Up” online course concluded! Check the result on http://campus.university/courses/course-v1:ErasmusPlus_ShapeYourFuture+EP_SYF+2021/about

Lisbon Job Shadowing day 8

Today we took a break from office work, and went to visit some very interesting places…

Lisbon Job Shadowing day 7

The development of the “Personal Skills for Youth Employment” online course concluded! Check the result on http://campus.university/courses/course-v1:ErasmusPlus_ShapeYourFuture+PSYE_SYF+2021/about

Lisbon Job Shadowing day 6

Personal development? Entrepreneur skills? Technical skills? Developing an online course on these skills in the way… Stay tuned!

Lisbon Job Shadowing day 5

Today was Brainstorm day! And the main question was: “How do you think these skills will help Young People?”

Lisbon Job Shadowing day 4

The team is on! Today we started working on new skills!

Lisbon Job Shadowing day 3

Individual Research & Brainstorm about Missing skills & Skills mismatch: One of the main difficulties to everyone that wants to enter in the job market is the compatibility between their skills and the ones required in the job market. Today we discussed, debated and researched about some of the main missing skills.

Lisbon Job Shadowing day 2

EU Day Workshop: Citizenship is an important soft skill, and contributing to the participation of the citizens in our Union through the debate about the past and the future is essential. Today, in collaboration with other partners and projects, we developed the workshop “Europe, Human Rights and the Fall of the Wall”. This activity contributed […]

Lisbon Job Shadowing day 1

Ready for the Lisbon Job Shadowing? It started today! Here you have the Romanian Team making their presentation!

Job Shadowing in Portugal (8th may – 18th may) – Short-term joint staff training events.

In this 10-day job-shadowing mobility based on a non-formal education approach, youth workers from each partner will have the opportunity to work alongside and gain experience of the role of another youth worker, and gain an insight about the youth work done at Young Educators Portugal. The 2 main purposes of this activity are: 1) […]

Focus Group – 16.04.2021 and 17.04.2021

Focus groups with young workers, young people in difficulty and those who support them allow us to better understand their feelings and needs during the exceptional situation represented by the global pandemic. The focus group format allows for a freer and more fluid discussion where local actors can exchange and debate together more easily.

Round Table – 09.04.2021

A round table discussion was held with local NGOs and public authorities involved with young people to try to understand their views and reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this round table, many issues and questions were discussed such as how to work with young people during this situation, how to best use technological tools […]

Publication of a survey

Publication of a survey From March to April 2021, a survey was published among structures working with young workers and young workers themselves in order to really know their needs in terms of accessibility to jobs and opportunities during this pandemic.